Houston Breweries & Brewpubs Map

How many Houston breweries and brewpubs have you visited?

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  1. Taylor Gilmore

    is there some kind of booklet thing for houston beer?? In Austin and OKC there’s like a brewery passport and it’s just so dang fun. Houston’s beer scene has exploded and I want to explore it!

  2. Janine Weber

    Hey, y’all need to the update your beer map! New Magnolia and Local Group have been open for over a year now!

  3. Louie Espinoza

    There’s a taproom with an in-house brewery opening up. The taproom is called Big Owl craft brew house and the in-house brewery is called Turkey Forrest Brewing. The address is 1848 Airline dr Houston Tx 77009

    • Sylvia Benavidez

      Hope you enjoyed our article on this new taproom! Please feel free to share any other news with us directly and we will be glad to share!

  4. Beer Mike

    Several omissions and corrections.
    1. Open “un-listed” Breweries/Brewpubs: Lake Houston Brewing in Huffman, Frankenboltzzzz Brewing in Magnolia, Gulf Coast Distillers (Tejas Beer) in Houston, Location Six Brewing in Waller, Savage Lab Brewing in Bryan, 4C Brewing, in Gause, Rusty Gate Brewing in Trinity
    2. Open “listed as not open” Breweries/Brewpubs: DECA Brewing in Porter, New Magnolia Brewing – Houston, Buffalo Bayou Brewing – Houston, City Orchard – Houston, Senate Avenue Brewing – Jersey Village, Toddy Brewing – Katy, Backyard Brewing – Actually in Dickinson
    3. Permanently Closed “listed as open”: New Republic Brewing – College Station, Texas Beer Refinery – Dickinson, Fetching Lab Brewing – Texas City, Symposium Brewing – Galveston
    4. Opening Soon (probably before you read this): Big Owl Craft Brew House/Turkey Forrest Brewing – Houston, Misfit Brewing Outpost – Cypress
    5. Opening Soon (by end of year?): Elder Son Brewing – Houston, Paradigm Brewing – Tomball, Fass Brewing – Conroe, Southern Yankee Crafthouse – Houston, Frost Town Brewing (listed as Industry) – Houston
    6. Breweries/Brewpubs in planning stages (not listed): Ovinnik Brewing – Houston, Navasota Brewing Company – Navasota, Flying Rhino Brewing – Dickinson
    7. Breweries that should be listed as “Greater Houston Area”: Hound Song Brewing – Columbus, Round Top Brewing – Round Top

    • Sylvia Benavidez

      Thanks for your insight! We are updating the map!

  5. Arturo Fonseca

    Thanks for putting this together, y’all are awesome!

    • Sylvia Benavidez

      Thanks for your support!

  6. Todd Hansell

    I’m trying to find a list of Houston breweries and brewpubs that were open in the Summer of 1998 and that are no longer open.

    • Sylvia Benavidez

      Greetings! I dont know if this list exists but we would be happy to help identify some! Join Texas Beer Collective on Facebook Groups and start a conversation with others here in Houston.


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