1. Steve Fowler


    I’ve been in Houston almost a year and a half but am only now getting turned on to your project here. Great work! Moving back to Texas from New York, I had been worried that the craft beer scene here would leave a lot to be desired. But as you know that’s not true – the scene is younger here absolutely, but that just means there is more room for experimentation and new offerings.

    Keep up the great work! If you need any more volunteer writers I hope you’ll let me know – the character limit on Untappd is seriously cramping my style.


  2. Andrew B

    Do you have a list or know exactly how many breweries are in Houston currently?

    • Josh F.

      That’s a very broad question that depends on what you consider a brewery and what you consider Houston. Last I checked we had 42 breweries & brewpubs on our radar for open or soon-to-be open breweries in the greater Houston area, but that was 2 months ago.

  3. Charles Porter III

    Excellent resource, the brewery map. I just want to request that you please add Spoetzl Brewery, in Shiner, Texas. Thank you!

    • Josh F.

      Thanks Charles!
      We’ve decided to limit our map to Houston breweries (and breweries that primarily sell beer in Houston and/or its suburbs). While Shiner does have a 77XXX zip code, they are geographically much closer to Austin and San Antonio.

  4. Jose Roberto

    Do you have a weekly or monthly newsletter?

    • Sylvia Benavidez

      Currently, not yet. We are looking to expand to a monthly newsletter in the future. Cheers!


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