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H-Town Brewing Co. speaks to #Houstonbeer fans

H-town Brewing Co. entrance – Photography by Mark

Tucked in the small neighborhood of Houston’s second ward, just a block from White Oak Music Hall, H-Town Brewing Co graciously appears on the scene as Houston’s newest brewpub and bar. When previously housed brewery Black Page Brewing shut their doors this year, the Ortiz family including father Enrique Ortiz and his daughters Jocelyn and Jacqueline decided to make this beautiful location their own. With a name like H-Town Brewing, you know we had to stop by and check out the scene they are creating. Time to go northbound.

Eye catching floral mural that graces the taproom walls.

Upon arrival to the lavish new taproom, it was clear that H-town was taking their opening of the new taproom very serious. Clean and spacious, the beautiful floral mural and open bar style seating created a comforting atmosphere upon arrival.  The two-section bar plus outdoor elevated patio gave a nice view of the beer garden below.  Two 16+ tap walls covered the area between the indoor/outdoor guest seating space and the bar staff was friendly, attentive and eager to chat. 

I was introduced to the lovely, Jocelyn Ortiz, one of H-Towns’ daughter owners behind the bar while I ordered up a flight of all the house made beers. Hispanic owned and operated, she explained that her father was originally looking for a restaurant to purchase but decided for this brewhouse instead when they found this gem location spot up for sale.

The indoor bar.

So, what’s the deal with the beers?  Glad you asked.  During our visit there were only 4 beers on tap. Since then, they have released a fruited sour beer too!

H-Town Brewing Co line up as of December 2nd.

  • Whiteoak Wheat (4.5% abv) – Very light, crisp citrus notes and easy drinking.  Lowest abv beer on the board. Haven’t had a wheat in some time but it was enjoyable.
  • Juicebox Hazy (5.7% abv) – Hoppy and tropical. I like my IPAs a bit thicker with body but someone nearby who doesn’t typically drink IPAs, thought the citrus notes grabbed his palate and would definitely order again.
  • El Toro Mexican Lager (5.7% abv) – My first pick choice, this beer checks all the boxes on a crushable Mexican style lager.  Very delicious. On my next visit, I am making it a miche.
  • Space Kowboy Kolsch (5.7% abv) – Clean refreshing character made this beer very enjoyable, subtle hop bite and clean lager-like finish.  Floral hops and biscuit malt created a very balanced beer. 
Sunday Flight. Photo by @Houstonbeermother

Also included on the wall was a guest tap of Phaser Fight from Bad Astronaut. They know the importance of supporting local, I like it.

Okay, you got our attention. Who’s brewing all this great beer anyways?

Originally from Arizona, John Ritter is leading the brewhouse with his experience from Backstory Brewery in Sulfur Springs TX. Alongside is assistant brewer, Chris Strong from New Hampshire bringing his knowledge from Houston brewery Running Walker from Richmond, TX & FarmBoy Brew Shop. Chris states they are trying to fill the tap wall with approachable light beers for now but will be shifting to focus to few other traditional styles of beers including a West Coast IPA, Brown ale, red ale, a Doppelbock which are in the fermentation vessels now. Dark beer lovers will get treated to a handsome Porter and Imperial Stout soon too. Hazy IPA lovers would be happy to hear there is another IPA coming down the pipe that is planned to be a bit heavier than on tap Juice box. I can get down with that. “From there, we are just looking to see what the people want to drink!” states Chris Strong.

“We know that not everyone likes craft beer, so we decided to equip ourselves with a full liquor bar for spirit lovers. Cocktails, micheladas, mimosas and beer, something for everyone. Our team really wants to brew what guests want to drink so we hope people come by to try what we have going on.” Jocelyn explained. 

Jocelyn Ortiz behind the bar. Photo by @Houstonbeermother

While I would normally discourage visiting a new brewery to allow them time to work things out, we aren’t going to give that advice this time. Come up here and try their beer as soon as you can. Plus, they are just down the street from our friends at Big Owl Craft Brew House on the northside.

In fact, December is full of awesome deals and happenings that you won’t want to miss.  Keep an eye out for the ’12 Days of Christmas’ announcement launching near the 14th of this month.  As for food, they do not have a kitchen yet but have a food truck onsite. They are working towards a resident food truck that is expected to launch before mid-February.  I am excited what this place will become for inner city Houston beer lovers and the local music lovers drinking nearby.

Kid friendly?  Yes – but the bar encourages you to come early. After 7pm the bar becomes a bit more adult oriented. Litty titty! I could see myself pregaming before attending a show at White Oak Music Hall or just making any excuse I can for a simple afternoon hang out with a friend. Just like today.

The Patio. Photography by Mark

H-Town Brewing is located at 210 Glen Park Houston Texas 77009. Find them on Instagram at @HtownBrewingCo or Facebook for the 411 on the taproom monthly schedule.



A native Tejana with a passion for double IPAs, she loves immersing herself in bluegrass music and spreading hippie love and Southern hospitality. When she's not enjoying tunes, she’s the voice behind the podcast "Draught Queens," where she offers unfiltered beer sensory tastings and industry interviews.

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