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Headed out West to meet Downtown Dusty

Katy residents are fortunate to have a mayor who not only supports but savors craft beer. William “Dusty” Thiele and No Label Brewing Co. have collaborated on an Amber Lager to honor his contributions to the city they proudly represent. Dubbed “Downtown Dusty,” this amber lager is currently a seasonal offering, but I’m making a strong case for its year-round presence. If you’ve read any of my past articles, you’ll know my fondness for ambers, so when I heard about this brew, I had to journey to Katy and spread the word about this new addition to my beloved beer style.

Downtown Dusty

Downtown Dusty boasts a color true to the amber style, pouring a gorgeous amber or golden-red hue with a creamy white head. The aroma is subtly malty and bready, enticing you to take a deep breath and savor the moment. With the first sip, the maltiness smoothly envelops your palate, urging you to take larger sips than usual. Following the initial malty notes, you’ll notice a delightful interplay of bready and caramel flavors, complementing each other beautifully. On the finish, a faint floral note emerges, accompanied by a mild hop presence that refreshes your palate just enough.

Now, after geeking out over Downtown Dusty’s flavors, let me tell you why I believe it’s the perfect beer for spring and summer—especially in Houston, where they’re practically one and the same. At 5%, Downtown Dusty is crushable, allowing you to enjoy multiple without feeling weighed down, making it ideal for tackling those tasks you’ve been procrastinating, like yard work. Its crispness leaves your mouth dry enough to crave another sip.

And the convenience doesn’t stop there—Downtown Dusty is available in cans to-go and can be found at local grocery stores, making it accessible wherever you are. Plus, the can’s artwork by Kevin Dyer captures downtown Katy and its historic silos and rail line, adding a touch of local history to your beer experience. Be sure to swing by the taproom or check your local grocery store shelves for Downtown Dusty, and if you need assistance locating it, feel free to shoot me a message on IG.




Ronnie has been drinking craft beer for the last 12-15 years and enjoys frequenting breweries and home brewing. He hopes to give back to the beer community that has been so welcoming. He loves to review beer and enjoys hearing all the stories that’s behind each beer.

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