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Beer Spotlight: Settler’s Oatmeal Stout

Opening weekend at Vallensons’ Brewing Company in Pearland back in 2017 was like most typical brewery openings. Fresh beers, new taproom with shiny brewing equipment, and new opportunities to make new beer friends. Alongside the pale ale, amber and american wheat style ale being debuted that day, was a traditional oatmeal stout. After 20 years of brewing this beer, Valle and his family granted the name Settler’s Oatmeal Stout to this beer after the city’s early pioneers of 1882. As seen on the beer label, this beer depicts the original Pearland settlers, gathering under a protected green ash tree that you can now nostalgically enjoy a beer under. As the old sign next to it read ” I’m old, don’t climb on me!”

Opening Weekend in 2017

Although this beer was new to us at the time, it was the very first beer that Valle Kauniste, owner and brewmaster of Vallensons’ Brewing Company has ever brewed. After serving our country abroad, Valle landed in northern California on a search to find beers similar to what he was drinking in England. At the time, Sierra Nevada and other large craft beer breweries were flooding the beer market with new beer styles but Valle could not find any beers similar in taste to those beers he was craving from overseas. Being primarily a stout and porter fan, Valle set out to recreate that familiar beer style he loved and remembered. Over the years, grains and brewing techniques have evolved but the recipe for this beer still remains unchanged. As a result, the Settler’s Oatmeal stout is leading the pack for being the ‘most decorated’ stouts in the City.

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Settler’s Oatmeal Stout – Label Designed by Casey Scarborough

The first time this beer awarded was back in Valle’s early homebrew days. Valle entered a new brewer competition called the ‘Mississippi Mashout’ and much to his surprise, took home a gold medal. In 2000, he moved to Houston and got involved with the local homebrew scene, established a homestead with his growing family and started the plans for a family owned brewery operation with his wife, Lori Kauniste. Valle scaled up his 5 gallon electric brew system to a 30 gallon system and quickly, craft beer became a big part of the Kauniste family lifestyle. The current 3BL system is pushing overtime, brewing new beer recipes each month and will soon be replaced with a custom built 7BL brewhouse to compliment the new expansion of the taproom and new event space in April. Did someone say VIP tours? Yes, please!

Additionally, Valle’s Oatmeal Stout has won…

Gold in the US Open Beer 2019

Silver in the US Open Beer 2020

and the big one, the 2020 Great American Beer Festival “Oatmeal Stout” Category – Gold.

“This is a beer that I really enjoy making and we are so glad that the community likes it. I feel like I am the new guy on the scene so taking home a gold medal at GABF this year is mind blowing to me. Two golds and a silver in two years – I am planning to call an upcoming beer “Validation” because we must be doing something right! – Valle K.

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Valle enjoying a pour of Settler’s Oatmeal Stout before opening

So, how does it taste? This beer features a rich roast flavor with a touch of residual sweetness that will delight any stout drinker. The body is medium to full with a slick velvet texture making it super easy to drink. At 5.9%, this beer is a perfect companion to your morning coffee to kick start your day with a buzz. On New Year’s Day, this beer was released in 16oz cans (4-packs) for the first time and cans quickly sold out over the weekend. But don’t fret – this beer will always have a spot on the Untappd tapwall and cans are back in restock each week.

Take a trip down south to Vallensons’ Brewing in Pearland on a nice Sunday afternoon, and enjoy a tulip pour of this award winning stout. While you are there, snag a beer flight and take advantage of the creative beers Valle and his team are creating each week.


For more ‘behind the scene’ discussion about the story of this beer, check the Draught Queens audio segment with Valle Kauniste available here .



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