Contributor Introduction: Lazeric “Z” White

In the words of the great musical icon & billionaire business mogul, Jay-Z, “Let me re-introduce myself.” I am the one and only Z. White!  Co-Host of “What’s Up In The Cup” and a proud resident of Houston, Texas for more than 20 years.

I am thrilled to bring you insight on what makes Houston one of the leaders in a rapidly growing craft beer industry. You can expect something for everyone to enjoy in my articles.  From the local brewery, to the bars, local stores, taste tests and restaurants, I’ll keep you plugged into all the things that make the craft beer industry fascinating and exciting.  I will also highlight the importance of improving diversity and inclusion in this industry. From ownership right down to the consumers, it is imperative that the industry is a representation of all of us who enjoy it. 

So how did I become a beer connoisseur? Several years ago I joined beer clubs where I was required to drink a variety of beers to earn points for prizes or discounts on food. I found that I was loving beers that were not mainstream beer options. Then I developed a passion for trying new beers. I once got my hands on a Saint Arnold’s Oktoberfest, which is now called St. Arnold’s Christmas Ale, and it was an eye-opener to the amazing craft beers produced right here in Houston. 

Some years ago I also stumbled across the Emmy nominated TV show “Beer Geeks” hosted by master brewer Michael Mufasa Ferguson. In the show, Ferguson visited breweries and provided insight on the process of some of America’s best craft beer. It was educational and informational. So I decided to visit a brewery, and to make it fun, I included my good friends Derrick, Opal, Levi, and Leo. That day, we morphed into a podcast “What’s Up In The Cup.” Our podcast, seen on Facebook and Instagram, highlights craft beer, wine, and spirits. At last count, this podcast has taken us to over 25 different local breweries…and still counting. My favorite beer style is any good beer, so if you have it, expect to see me. Right now, high on my list includes Saison, Hazy IPA, Red Ale, DIPA, and Belgian Tripel, just to name a few.

When I’m not indulging in ales, I love hip-hop, watching sports, and television. I am one of the biggest Prince Rogers Nelson fans you’ll ever meet. I do a mean Prince at karaoke! And I accept all Prince challengers. 

When I’m not indulging, or singing Prince songs, I’m working. I’m an IT professional in the housing industry, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and a board member of the Dr. Alexander Brown Civil Rights and Educational Endeavor, a non-profit dedicated to improving opportunities for the disadvantaged. 

Please let me express my sincerest gratitude, to have the opportunity to share my experiences through the Houston Beer Guide. You have my commitment to make this a fun ride!  

Salude to much success, good health and happiness!

Follow me and my podcast on Facebook and on Instagram @TheZWhite and @WhatsUpInTheCup.



Z has called Houston home for the last 25 years. He hosts “What's Up In The Cup”, which is a podcast collective inspired by the local craft beer culture. His main goal is to help open up to the best things about local beer and improving diversity in the process. He is the life of the party in every sense of the word.

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  1. Leo Rosebure

    Z is a great person to work with, a devoted fraternity brother, and the most loyal and reliable friend to have. His enthusiasm and excitement is contagious and always a pleasure to be around. We are all in for a real treat!

    • Sylvia Benavidez

      Thanks for the comment! We are pumped that he is onboard and excited about writing about Houston beer too! Cheers!


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