Contributor Introduction: Greg Shawinsky

I first got into craft beer as result of starting a small lawn mowing business in my hometown of Trumbull, Connecticut during the summer before my sophomore year of college.

There were 16 residential lawns that I took care of on a weekly basis, with a refurbished zero- turn lawn mower, a weed whacker from Home Depot, and a small 8 foot landscape trailer that I pulled with a beat up F-150.

My good friend, Carl lived just diagonally across the street from my mother’s house, where I stayed, and his lawn was always a $25 cut. The second time that I had ever cut Carl’s lawn; he came outside and asked me if I liked beer. Although I don’t recall my exact response, I’m sure I told him something along the lines of really enjoying a Keystone Light here and there. Then Carl asked me “But, do you like REAL beer?”.

Before you know it there was a cold can of Nimble Giant by Troeg Independent Brewing in my hand. Admittedly, I didn’t love IPA’s at first. The bitterness wasn’t something I craved at that time. Although, enjoying a high alcohol content treat while having some laughs and bonding with my neighbor on a hot asphalt driveway every week became something I quickly started looking forward to.

Every Thursday from that week forward, Carl would always ask me if I’d like to be paid $25 for lawn service or if I would settle for $20 and a cold craft beer. Some may say it wasn’t a good deal for me; but I’m glad that I chose the second option every time.

I love Houston and I really enjoy living in Texas, as a whole. I will likely be here for all my foreseeable future, and I’m happy about that! That being said; I am a true New Englander at heart. I know it’s not an original choice, but I can never say no to a hazy, dry-hopped New England IPA. Beer is too exciting to stop at one favorite style though. I have so many favorites! My second favorite style has to be a Schwarzbier/ black lager. It’s not every day that one can find a new beer that is pitch black as night, with a consistency lighter than any stout or porter.

Outside of beer, I enjoy being active outdoors. Recently I have been playing recreational men’s league lacrosse on the True Anomaly Brewing Company team. It’s a great pace to sweat and get in a fun workout without getting too beat up. And of course; we enjoy our share of True Anomaly offerings. I also really enjoy country music and especially, Texas Country. I will go anywhere that these sounds can be heard.

I am very lucky to say that all my favorite hobbies outside of beer, are all complimented very well by having a beer at the end (or during). I suppose everything comes full circle!

Greg Shawinsky

Instagram: Greg_Shawinsky
Untappd: Greg_Shawinsky_5440



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