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Keeping the #HoustonBeer Train Rolling with Houston Beer Month

Grab your ticket, find your seat, and buckle up. It’s time to board the Houston beer train.

With the closures of several local Houston breweries and businesses in the last two years, it’s time to face the fact that craft beer has derailed on it’s track to success.

In the landscape of beverage culture, craft beer once stood as a beacon of innovation, taste, and independence. However, as the industry has grown, it has begun to lose its essence, and in many ways, its very soul. The demise of craft beer isn’t solely due to external factors; rather, it’s a result of the very people who championed it – the craft beer fans themselves.

There’s something deeply intimate about the connection between consumers and local craft breweries, a lot like we see in the cherished bonds of real love and relationships. Much like nurturing a romantic relationship, supporting local craft breweries requires dedication, loyalty, and a willingness to invest time and resources. Just as lovers rely on each other for support and encouragement, local craft breweries depend on the backing of their local community to flourish and sustain.

These breweries aren’t just purveyors of beer; they’re creators of community, craftsmanship, and culture. They bring people from all walks of life together, bonded only through the liquids that they drink. Amidst the challenges posed by mass-produced alternatives and economic uncertainty, the need for steadfast support has never been more pressing.

So ask yourself, how did we navigate away from the days of before? Where did we go wrong? Where did my passion for local beer go and why did it leave in the first place?

Did the hype train cause a crash and burn? Did the quest for the latest limited-release or hyped-up collaboration becoming more important than the quality and craftsmanship behind the beer itself, causing the lack of interest/ burn out effect we see today? Did the single track mindset stifle innovation leaving you bored with the products that are being offered today?

However, all hope is not lost. Craft beer can still reclaim its essence and regain its former glory by returning to its roots. This is not the end of the line. Support from the community has always been the engine driving craft breweries forward. Like a train stalled on its tracks, the craft beer community must pause to reconsider its trajectory and rediscover the essence of what made craft beer so beloved in the first place. We know craft beer isn’t dead; it’s still thriving in the hearts of those who appreciate its uniqueness and character.

The question is now ‘will you pledge your support back to the local craft community and help our city’s scene get back on track?’

Join us as we kick off a new wave of Houston beer with the return of Houston Beer Month. Typically in August of each year, we decided that this initiative simply can not wait and breweries/beer businesses need your help now.

Here are a few ideas on how you can help get involved for Houston Beer Month.

  1. Social media engagement: Follow your favorite breweries on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok. Engage with their posts by liking, commenting, and sharing to help increase their visibility and reach.
  2. Word of mouth recommendations: Spread the word about your favorite breweries to friends, family, and colleagues. Personal recommendations carry a lot of weight and can introduce new customers to the craft beer scene.
  3. Attend brewery events: Participate in brewery events such as tap takeovers, beer releases, and brewery tours. These events help foster a sense of community and support for local breweries. We have a list of all the cool events happening in March on our website. Help us find more event and spread the word.
  4. Volunteer at festivals: Many craft beer festivals rely on volunteers to help with various tasks such as pouring beer, setting up, and cleaning up. There are several beer festivals happening in March – check em out.
  5. Write reviews: Leave positive reviews for your favorite breweries on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Untappd. Honest and positive reviews can help attract new customers and boost the brewery’s reputation.
  6. Educate yourself and others: Take the time to learn about different beer styles, brewing techniques, and the history of craft beer. Share your knowledge with others and help foster a greater appreciation for craft beer.
  7. Support homebrewers: Encourage and support homebrewers in your community. Attend homebrewing events, offer feedback on their beers, and help promote their creations.
  8. Promote responsible drinking: Encourage responsible drinking habits within the craft beer community. Advocate for moderation and safe consumption practices to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of the industry.
  9. Support beer-related charities: Look for breweries or beer-related charities that support causes you care about. Whether it’s environmental conservation, social justice, or community development, donating to these organizations can have a positive impact on both the industry and society.
  10. Participate in beer swaps: Organize or participate in beer trades with friends or fellow craft beer enthusiasts. Trading beers allows you to try new brews without spending additional money while fostering a sense of camaraderie within the community.
  11. Offer feedback to breweries: Provide constructive feedback to breweries about their beers and customer experience. Whether through social media, email, or in-person discussions, sharing your thoughts helps breweries understand their strengths and areas for improvement.
  12. Support local businesses that serve craft beer: Patronize bars, restaurants, and bottle shops that prioritize offering a diverse selection of craft beers. Your support helps these businesses thrive and creates demand for craft beer in the broader market.
  13. Advocate for craft beer culture: Be an ambassador for craft beer culture in your community. Houston Beer Guide is always looking for contributors to share their passion for craft beer with others, introduce newcomers to the world of craft beer, and advocate for its continued growth and recognition as a cultural and culinary art form. Email us if you interested in becoming a contributor.


Native tejana with a love for double IPAs and craft beer shenanigans. Check out her podcast "Draught Queens' for unfiltered beer sensory tasting and industry interviews.

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