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Murkey Myers Hazy DIPA Haunts Houston – Passport Challenge from No Label Brewing

As a horror fan, I am always looking forward to October especially with all the fun festivals leading up to my favorite holiday, Halloween.

Wicked was just unleashed upon us in Houston as the elusive haunted beer mascot from No Label Brewing, Murkey Myers has now broken out of his cage and is on the loose, causing havoc and chaos that we all know and love. Fresh off of winning a Global Crushie for best beer mascot – he has somehow gained more power and is out on the prowl looking for trouble.

October is now the month of Murkey, as Murkey has spread to Vallensons’, Elder Son, Galveston Bay, Project Halo, Megaton, and Senate Avenue – each doing their beer in the style of Murkey Myers. I’m excited to see how Murkey’s tour of chaos turns out and to see everyone’s unique twist on the style. With Murkey’s reach spreading, we must find a way to contain him and lock him back up in the Katy silos. But first, let’s have a little fun with him.

This year, No Label is inviting everyone to embark on a haunted hop quest. Visit all 7 breweries and stamp your Murkey Myers passport for a chance to conjure a special Limited-Edition Month of Murkey tin tacker designed by Anthony Gorrity. Beware: you’ll need to check with each brewery for cryptic clues and info.

Check out the details on the passport here from No Label’s Facebook post: Read More.

Murkey (short for Murkey Myers DIPA) lives true to its name, pours a murky pale gold color and has a very upfront aroma of grapefruit. Pay close attention and you will find a mild citrus and a pine note that lingers on the back end balancing out the nose. Upon the first sip, I immediately notice the grapefruit characteristic from the New Zealand Pacific Sunrise hops. There is also a mild fruit flavor that cuts through the hoppy bitterness that makes this beer very smooth to drink. When I say fruit, think of orange citrus or almost mango-like sweetness that balances out the hop bite and makes it an easy drinker despite the ABV sitting at 7.8%. Even though Murkey seems like a tough guy, his mouthfeel is very soft and smooth. For such a hoppy beer I expected there to be a bit of an overwhelming bite, nonetheless No Label managed to find a beautiful balance with the hop bite and fruit character. The fact that the body isn’t too heavy, and it doesn’t weigh you down or make you bloated making it easy to come back for more, which I struggle to find in a hazy double IPA.

I will be splitting up the visits between days to compare and contrast what differences each brewery will bring to the table with their versions.

Canned Murkey will be releasing on October 13th and can be found at the No Label taproom in Katy, HEB, Total Wine, and in select craft beer bars around town. However, if you visit the brewery beware that Murkey doesn’t catch you off guard and alone, rumor is he already took over GABF and Chicago. Stay safe out there and if you see me at any of these locations, come have a beer with me, and let’s discuss which version was your favorite.

Murkey Beer Release Dates to Know:










Ronnie has been drinking craft beer for the last 12-15 years and enjoys frequenting breweries and home brewing. He hopes to give back to the beer community that has been so welcoming. He loves to review beer and enjoys hearing all the stories that’s behind each beer.

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