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Saint Arnold’s Summer Pils and Chill

Did you know that Saint Arnold Brewing Company original Summer Pils recipe debuted June 1997 as their first lager recipe? Groovy. It’s original name was Summerfest but according to Saint Arnold’s website, they got hung up with legal challenges against Sierra Nevada over the name. Ultimately, the breweries worked out a deal involving covering the packaging change costs and they agreed to change the name, resulting to Summer Pils. At the end of the legal battle, Ken Grossman even made it up to Brock by buying him a beer. Now that’s what I call, peace and harmony.

In the beginning, this brew proved to be pretty difficult to create. After nearly 20 batches later, Saint Arnold settled on Durst pils and spicy hop blend of Czech Saaz for finishing flavor and balance. Nearly all of Saint Arnold beer recipes have not changed since being introduced but the Summer Pils is the big exception. This beer was adjusted nearly every year until they settled on a three year plan in 2003 to reach a final recipe in 2006. The 2006 recipe was perfect: light and refreshing with a crisp, clean bitter bite. Today, the beer is made with the finest German malts and hersbrucker and saaz hops for that traditional smooth tasting golden Munich-style Helles flavor profile.

I am grateful that Summer Pils has the longest season of any of Saint Arnold seasonal releases. Makes sense it always summer for most of the year in Texas anyways! Speaking of grateful, it wouldn’t be a proper August 1st without a mention a special birthday, Grateful Dead’s rock and roll legend, Jerry Garcia. Happy 80th Birthday Jerry. You are missed more than ever. I am keeping your memory alive by playing your music every day. NFA.

Find this summer thirst quencher in appropriately sized 18 packs at your local Houston area grocery store or visit the taproom biergarten for a fresh pour. It’s recommended to enjoy this beer in a pint glass served at a cold 36° Fahrenheit. Paired with the Europe ’72 live album by Grateful Dead of course. Perfect.

What summer beer have you been drinking lately? What beer/ music has you feeling good? Shoot us an email and tell us all about it! Don’t forget, August in Houston Beer Month, and we are accepting guest contributors all month – your article could be featured and you can win a ticket to the Houston Beer Block Party happening August 27th for participating. Cheers Houston!



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