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  • Flying Saucer Downtown Ending Glass Night

    Flying Saucer Downtown Ending Glass Night

    There has been some talk and a bit of grumbling among the Houston Beer Knurd community with the Flying Saucer’s decision to end their glass night at their downtown location. Manager Joshua Justice reached out to Houston Beer Guide to offer some information about the decision. Kenneth Krampota: Why did you decide to cancel the glass

  • Seeing (and drinking) Cougar Red!

    Seeing (and drinking) Cougar Red!

    On Monday, August 15th, No Label, Calhoun’s Rooftop Bar & Grill and Brewheart apparel will soft-launch ‘Brew of H’, a (Cougar) Red IPA that’s been two years in the making. I had a chance to talk about the beer and the collaborative story behind it with Shannon Parker, Owner and Designer at Brewheart apparel, as well

  • Saucer Turns Sweet Sixteen

    Saucer Turns Sweet Sixteen

    She’s sixteen, she’s beautiful, and her beer will be yours and mine. Flying Saucer Houston is celebrating its sixteenth anniversary on August 14 with some amazing beers and sweets from local eateries. The Saucer will have special tappings, a complete bottle list featuring some beers Saucer has never offered before (psst… a little birdie told me that

  • Beer Is Flowing From Eureka Heights

    Beer Is Flowing From Eureka Heights

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one: local brewery set to open doors in renovated food service warehouse. The team at Eureka Heights Brewing Co. has been hard at work for 18 months transforming a 20,000 square-foot warehouse into the stuff of dreams. Casey Motes, formerly a brewer at Saint Arnold, Robert Eichenlaub, Joel Swift,

  • Shining a spotlight on Under the Radar

    Shining a spotlight on Under the Radar

    There’s still plenty of summer sun to soak up and Houston’s newest brewery–a phrase becoming more and more common around here–Under the Radar, is looking to help you do just that at their grand opening August 27th, in Midtown. What started as a trio of homebrewing buddies getting together to hone their craft and share

  • City Acre: Right at Home at Houston’s New Brewpub

    City Acre: Right at Home at Houston’s New Brewpub

    On Thursday night I attended a preview of the much anticipated City Acre Brewing Co., a brewpub located about 10 minutes north of downtown off U.S. 59 at 3418 Topping Street. Originally slated to open four years ago, but delayed due to complex city regulations and beer laws, City Acre will hold its long-awaited grand opening on July

  • Funkwerks Signs With Flood for Houston Distribution

    Funkwerks Signs With Flood for Houston Distribution

    Flood Independent Distribution recently added Fort Collins, Colorado based Funkwerks to their portfolio. Founded in 2011, Funkwerks quickly made a name for themselves, winning 3 gold medals in 3 years at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) as well as winning Small Brewery of the Year in 2012. Going back even further, their flagship Saison

  • Dog Will Hunt – Running Walker Brewery

    Dog Will Hunt – Running Walker Brewery

    Just down FM 359 from Texian Brewing in Richmond, Running Walker is laying the chips to become a major player in the Houston area craft beer scene. A few of their beers are starting to show up in accounts around town, and they have much bigger plans in the upcoming months. Fellow Houston Beer Guide

  • Houston Firkin Fest 2016: A Firkin Good Time
    Beer Festivals

    Houston Firkin Fest 2016: A Firkin Good Time

    Sponsored by Saint Arnold, Real Ale, Freetail, Deep Ellum, and Texas Beer Bus, and run by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, the third annual Houston Firkin Fest on June 18 represented the creative depth of some of Texas’s best breweries. After being moved from its original date in April due to a threat of severe

  • Saint Arnold 22nd Anniversary Rare Cellar Tasting

    Saint Arnold 22nd Anniversary Rare Cellar Tasting

    Saint Arnold really knows how to throw a birthday party! In what’s become an annual event, the brewery went deep into their cellar to pull out some rarities and barrel aged variants for the ‘Rare Cellar’ tasting. There was a definite buzz of excitement in the stairs as the crowd waited for the taps to




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  • To be fair Rocket Fuel is a 4% porter and has never not been thin. rich mouth feel was never that beers intention.

    by Brent Wayne Houston Firkin Fest 2016: A Firkin Good Time

  • What? You mean you don't enjoy the onion bomb that Yellow Rose turns into after a few months? Good to hear they'll be dating them. 500ml bottles are even better news.

    by The Ale Runner I love you, Yellow Rose, but we need to talk [Lone Pint to bottle date Yellow Rose!]

  • Nice job, Katie! You've convinced me BAKFISH is worth my drive.

    by Alice Hicks BAKFISH Brewing Company

  • Hi! I've been in Houston almost a year and a half but am only now getting turned on to your project here. Great work! Moving back to Texas from New York, I had been worried that the craft beer scene here would leave a lot to be desired. But as you know that's not true - the scene is younger here absolutely, but that just means there is more room for experimentation and new offerings. Keep up the great work! If you need any more volunteer writers I hope you'll let me know - the character limit on Untappd is seriously cramping my style. --Steve

    by Steve Fowler Contact Us

  • Great article, Joey. It's interesting how early Pils favorites have dropped it seems. Like you, I am huge fan and evangelist of Real Ale and always snap up St A Summer Pils when it comes out and I've always love Pearl-Snap when I could find it at Specs. I adored Hans when I first had it a few years ago but it seems to have changed just a bit when it went to year round cans. I see comments on untappd that seem to echo this. Maybe the crop of new stuff is just stepping it up? This seems to be a "craft beer" thing. Like new stuff stands on the shoulders of what went before it, thereby making the earlier releases seems bad, when they really aren't. It's just that beer keeps getting better and better.

    by Timothy Black Guest Post: It’s Time for Texas Pilsners!

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