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  • Beer Review: Kingsbrau from Back Pew Brewing

    Beer Review: Kingsbrau from Back Pew Brewing

    #HoustonBeerMonth Guest Submission from Ronnie Risner Fest season is upon us! I have the fortune of Backpew Brewing being one of the closest breweries to me, and recently they released a fan favorite. Kingsbrau is a festbier that really gets its chance to shine as those summer days leave you yearning for cooler temperatures. Kingsbrau

  • My neighborhood brewery: New Magnolia Brewing

    My neighborhood brewery: New Magnolia Brewing

    #HoustonBeerMonth Guest submission by Chris Ayers New Magnolia Brewing is one of the newer breweries that has popped up in Houston, and they’re a pretty close neighborhood brewery to me. I’ve been going since their soft open back in November of 2019 (back before the world went crazy!) I want to talk about their green

  • Fancy Lawnmowers and Love

    Fancy Lawnmowers and Love

    If we’ve ever spoken about life defining events it’s likely that you’ve heard this story. Back in 1999, I was taking a beverage class at San Jacinto College Central in Pasadena. Part of the curriculum was a field trip to a then mostly unknown little brewery called Saint Arnold. It was my first exposure to

  • Tomball’s Bearded Fox Brewing Canning Flagship Beers

    Tomball’s Bearded Fox Brewing Canning Flagship Beers

    If you were to ask a Houston beer connoisseur to name 10-15 breweries in the Houston area, Tomball’s Bearded Fox probably won’t make many lists. However this small but mighty brewery has been quenching the thirst of northwest suburban beer drinkers since they opened in 2017, and they have recently started canning a few of

  • Hyper Light – Simple and Satisfying
    Houston Beer Month

    Hyper Light – Simple and Satisfying

    Do you even drink beer, bro? With the amount of new beer and extraordinary flavors and styles out on the market now, I has dawned on me that many beer fans have forgotten about how beer actually tastes. Yes, that’s right. Just regular beer. The beers that our fathers drank. The beers that their fathers

  • Introducing Shoot the Moon
    Houston Beer Month

    Introducing Shoot the Moon

    If you run in local craft beer circles on the social medias – which I assume you do if you’ve found this group – then you’ve no doubt heard about the recently opened Shoot the Moon located in the recently redeveloped Spring Branch Village shopping center at 8155 Long Point Road.  Although having just barely

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