Beer My Valentine

My dearest Beer,

Like most modern love stories begin, we met online during the peak of my beer drinking days and your timing couldn’t have been better.  Your mysterious allure attracted me from afar, but truthfully there is much more to you that keeps the fascination alive.   I never meant for any of this to happen – but this love simply can’t be ignored.

There is no denying the attraction I felt upon first gaze, as it took every ounce of me not to immediately put my lips on you.  Your lack of clarity did not scare me away as I felt you staring back at me while I swirl you delicately around the glass.  Your pale straw color shines bright in the Texas sun, and your soft white foam drawing my lips ever closer with each passing moment.  I adore watching your aroma packed bubbles rise to the occasion and explode as I gently inhale your sweet grassy aroma.  My endorphins immediately energized from your fragrance as I long to capture this beauty of this timeless moment.

The refreshing bouquet of pine and passionfruit rushes from your body directly into mine and I can feel your bitterness as you press yourself against my lips and gently dance across my wet tongue.  I want to run away, but baby I just can’t help but to drink you all up.  I just can’t get enough of this bitter love.  You’re cold to the touch but there is no mistaking the feeling of warmth from your soul when you are inside of me.  The soft pillowy mouthfeel weighs heavy on my tongue as I savor your intense vibrant aroma.  I love the way you coat the inside of my mouth with eruption of citrus juicy flesh.  Despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to put you down.  Your high carbonation finish helps clear my palate, so I can continue to enjoy your experience over and over.   Crisp and hoppy on the finish, you are everything I love and want.  You are never late and always go down easy.  There will never be one like you and it’s you that I have searched so long for.

Hello, I’m Sylvia and I can’t wait to give all my love to you.  Will you beer my Valentine?



Native tejana with a love for double IPAs and craft beer shenanigans. Check out her podcast "Draught Queens' for unfiltered beer sensory tasting and industry interviews.

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