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Beer, Cocktails, and Cuisine: A Complete Guide to Gristworkz Brewery

Gristworkz is located in the heart of Houston, TX, minutes from downtown. They acquired the brewery space at 1504 Chapman St. in May and rebranded in October. Since then, the brewery has become a beloved destination to beer enthusiasts, casual drinkers, and local residents.

Photo Credit: Marcus Cain

Gristworkz offers a wide variety of beer styles ranging from classic IPAs and stouts to experimental brews like the Mango Guava blonde ale they names “Hot Boi Summer”. Some of their most popular beers are Lightwerk Kolsch as well as the Hardy Hop – a Citra and Mosaic hopped IPA named after the historical Hardy Yards. A harder to find style, Cold Forge is their Baltic Porter which comes in at 7.8% ABV. Gristworkz features more than just the beers brewed in house. They offer guest taps such as Weihenstephan Vitus – a Weizenbock brewed from one of the oldest German breweries in the world.

Photo Credit: Marcus Cain

“Brewing an authentic German Hefeweizen with traditional techniques requires specialized equipment that few breweries are set up for, us included. That and they have about one thousand years of brewing expertise.” says co-owner Dave Sorrell.

Their drink selection extends to include cider from the local City Orchard and a curated list of wines from Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc to Prosecco and Rose. However, their liquor and cocktail program sets them apart from most bars, let alone breweries.

Photo Credit: Marcus Cain

            “We select spirits that are 100 percent additive free – such as avoiding caramel coloring in bourbons and cognacs… In tequilas we look for 100% agave and avoid artificial flavorings.” says lead bartender Saul Hernandez

All the bartenders are trained in making classic cocktails such as Margaritas, Old Fashioneds, Lemon Drops, Whiskey Sours, Moscow Mules, and Daiquiris. Their top seller is the super instagramable Paloma, with its distinctive grapefruit wheels garnish. They squeeze the juices fresh daily and cut garnishes just as frequently.

Gristworkz doesn’t stop at just serving great drinks, they are dedicated to promoting diversity and equality for all of Houston. When you visit, you can feel confident knowing that you’re supporting a business that values inclusivity and works to make a positive impact in the community.  

         “When I think of Houston, I think of its diversity and how we can best serve it. To us, it’s always been important to cater to more than just the craft beer drinker. We want groups of friends from all walks of life to be able to hang out here.” says co-owner Jorge Benitez. “For instance, take a look at our food menu – it offers more than what you are used to seeing for bar food. We think of food as an opportunity for connection and inclusion.”

Their menu has a wide variety of classic foods such as burgers, pizzas, and fries while also offering regional favorites like the 1/2 lb of barbacoa or carnitas available on the weekends only. Want to mix it up? Get the yuca fries instead of French fries or try the Red Beans and Rice instead. It’s spicy! Their food specials are available daily for those looking for a deal. For $15, you can get a beer, a burrito and a shot of bourbon – all day, every day. Check out their website to see all of their weekly specials.

Photo Credit: Marcus Cain

Gristworkz team is a combination of extensive hospitality experience all under one roof. Their team includes owners and bartenders with management experience from breweries Saint Arnold and Holler as well as former GMs of bars such as Pastry War, Johnny’s Gold Brick, Hollman Draft Hall, and Heights Beer Garden. They use their wealth of knowledge in their everyday approach to hospitality.

Photo Credit: Marcus Cain

When you visit Gristworkz, you’re not just there for the beer, you’re there for the complete experience. With its commitment to quality ingredients, unique flavors, welcoming atmosphere, and dedication to promoting inclusivity and equality, Gristworkz has earned its reputation as one of the top beer destinations in Houston, TX. So if you’re in the area, be sure to add Gristworkz to your list of must-visit breweries.

Guest Contributor: Marcus Cain

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