Contributor Introduction: Josh Wharton

Hi, Josh Wharton here. I am super excited to start writing for Houston Beer Guide and wanted y’all to get to know me. I first started drinking craft beer when I turned 21. I was one of those “good” kids who actually waited till 21 to start drinking. At the time, both of my older brothers were homebrewers and just getting into the craft scene themselves, so I just started drinking what they were drinking. The first beer I really enjoyed was Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, and from there I started exploring more stouts and eventually started going down the rabbit hole. This was way back in 2007, so I have been enjoying craft for a while now.

I actually got into the industry about 8 years ago, when I started volunteering at Saint Arnold in the tap room. At the time I was also teaching music at a high school and was doing this on the weekends. My wonderful wife realised I wasn’t happy teaching, and found a job posting for the Galleria Whole Foods opening, so I applied, interviewed, and got accepted into their specialty department as a bartender at the brewery. From there I moved up to be the beer specialist and was fortunate enough to get my Certified Cicerone. After a few years at the Galleria store, I moved to the Montrose location’s beer department and bar to learn about their higher package volume. Since then, I have transitioned to be a stay at home dad.

I currently enjoy many different beers, but crispy pilsners have been in my fridge fairly regularly the last few months. I have mainly been enjoying the many different new breweries that have been establishing themselves in Houston.

Outside of beer, I teach and play drum set, gigging occasionally and teaching private lessons. I’m an avid nerd, enjoying video games, sci-fi and fantasy books and movies, and tabletop role playing. 

You can find me on Instagram at @AManandHisPint.



Josh is a Houstonian, born and raised. He loves all styles, from crispy pilsners to leathery wild ales. Follow him on Instagram at @AManandHisPint.

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