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Eureka Heights’ Tipsy Clover Beer Review

No, it’s not green.

Which I think in the minds of most people over 24 years old is a good start. Especially considering first of all that this is a stout, and if it had been green something has gone terribly awry. Nevertheless, as we approach that most sacred of day drinking holidays and I work out which of my inappropriate St. Patrick’s Day themed t-shirts will be least offensive when seen on a work Zoom call, I also begin to think about what beer to enjoy while celebrating the occasion. 

Enter Tipsy Clover, a dry Irish stout from Eureka Heights. This beer is a traditional stout in the vein of Guinness, that is brewed simply with Irish malt and plenty of roasted barley. This style is known for its coffee-like finish and moderate hoppiness. When I am critiquing a beer, my first order of business is to assess how it stands up to the style. This was an important realization for me personally, because in the past I found myself giving a low rating to a beer strictly because it wasn’t a preferred style of mine. I realized at some point which is unfair to the beer. It may be great for what it is, it just isn’t my bag. That said, I am a fan of stouts and had no reservations about giving this one a taste.

When poured, the head of the Tipsy Clover is a creamy, fluffy tan. The beer itself is appropriately dark, absorbing light like a dingy Dublin pub. Not too thin but not as viscous as some of the heavier barrel-aged stouts you’ll come across. The flavor is on style. Coffee is present immediately and the hop bitterness is minimal. There is nothing particularly noteworthy or memorable about this beer, but in many ways that is what I’m looking for in a stout. The last thing I want to get when trying this style is that astringent, borderline infected tasting character that sometimes occurs. In all ways, this is just a solid, enjoyable stout. And at only 4.2% ABV, you can enjoy a number of them without wishing St. Paddy’s Day was on a Friday this year so you’d have two days to recover.

Overall, I’ve given this beer 3.75 bottle caps on Untappd. It’s a nice offering and one that I would welcome back for the season next year. If you’re a fan of traditional stouts, or if you’re new to craft beer and are looking to branch out, I would recommend this beer as a good representation of the style. Feel free to reach out and let me know what you think.

Until next time, CHEERS!

Tipsy Clover Stout from Eureka Heights Brewing Co.


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