Free & Easy N/A Belgian White from Karbach Brewing

Before you assume I’m doing a “dry January”, correct yourself right now. Full disclosure, I didn’t purchase this beer either. Karbach was kind enough to ship a few cans to me so here we are. You guys remember the last time I went on the hunt for a good N/A beer right? It didn’t end well. Athletic was top tier choice and everything else kinda sank. I tried every single one I could get my hands on. Guinness’s N/A was another one that checked the boxes for what I would consider, a whole beer. Overall, I just couldn’t find anything that tasted like the beers I enjoyed drinking. Crisp, hoppy, flavorful.. you know…the good stuff. That was at least a year ago and it’s clear that the industry has been adjusting recipes and getting better at it. Getting so good that they say that the next beer trend is “sober” drinking.

Free & Easy at home

To my surprise, this Belgian White style ale beer was very enjoyable to drink. Really felt like a complete beer on my palete. The traditional Belgian-style white beer is made with malted barley and unmalted wheat and sometimes oats or spelt too. It is spiced with a touch of hops to keep the bitterness low but carries notes of light coriander and citrus orange peel. Paired with a Belgian yeast character it’s mildy fruity and has subtle spice flavor notes. The appearance of white beer is usually pale yellow in color with a slight haziness and a rich, foamy head. The aroma is citrusy, spicy, and fruity and the body is light. Perhaps a bit too light?

The taste is balanced with light malt and wheat flavors, and has a bright pop of citrus on the nose. I am not gonna suggest you throw an orange slice in it for the Blue Moon effect but you could! The alcohol content of traditional white beer is usually between 4.5% and 5.0% ABV but sitting at 0.5%, this beer is perfect for those that enjoy drinking the more traditional beer styles and want to give their liver a break. After all, it’s good to start fresh with the new year, free from alcohol and easy to enjoy.

If you run across this beer in town, give it a taste. It might not be your favorite beer to drink every day but it’s well executed beer example of a traditional style. The no alcohol part? Your body says thank you. You deserve a break – free yourself and take it easy.

A pour of Free & Easy


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