Introducing the Texas Coast IPA

Happy Texas Independence Day!

Today we celebrate our home state with the anniversary of the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence.  25 million Texans celebrate our liberty and honor the founding generation of Texans who secured it for us.   I can’t think of a more perfect day to announce an upcoming initiative we are launching state wide.  While New England IPAs continue to get attention and the faithful West Coast IPAs still drawing in its loyal crowd, there hasn’t been much love to the South to spotlight the nation’s third coast.  Let’s face it, if any state deserves its own unique beer style and name, its right here in the Lone Star State.

Introducing the Texas Coast IPA.

So…what is a Texas Coast IPA?  Simply put, it’s a new specialized beer style created by Texans, for Texans. 

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Resting Beach Face Texas Coast IPA

We are partnering up with Saloon Door Brewing to kick off this project with the launch of the new series of their interpretation of a Texas Coast IPA.  The first beer, “Resting Beach Face” was tapped last Thursday in taproom and is already getting rave reviews from consumer feedback.  Considering the feedback, the brewers are already busy brewing a new variation of the style in hopes to narrow down on a IPA recipe that can be enjoyed by all IPA drinkers.

Alex – Brewer at Saloon Door Brewery watching over the mash tun

But why stop there?

We would like to extend an invitation and encourage ALL Texas breweries to get involved by designing their very own version of a Texas Coast IPA to help us celebrate this beautiful state and all IPA fans.

  • Get involved and start profiling your customers on what features of an IPA they would love to see in a Texas Coast IPA.  Is the beer clear or hazy, tropical fruit forward or bitter and piney? All of the above?  You tell us! 
  • Consider experimenting with local Texas ingredients for your beer.  Does your beer use Texas corn in the malt or contain local hops grown here in Texas?  Does it contain real grapefruit or other native fruit? 
  • Finalize your new Texas Coast IPA style based on your customer’s feedback and launch your best version during Houston Beer Month (Event details coming soon) and celebrate the accomplishment of this new style.  Will this style make the BJCP guidelines? Probably not, but I bet it will be delicious!

Rejoice hop heads! It’s time to shine and celebrate our favorite beer style in a big Texas way! This project can only be successful with active involvement from our beer community and breweries. Share this article with your favorite local brewery and encourage them to join in on the fun!  We can’t wait to enjoy they you come up with! 

Got questions? I would love to hear from you – email me at


Audio version of this article is available here!



A native Tejana with a passion for double IPAs, she loves immersing herself in bluegrass music and spreading hippie love and Southern hospitality. When she's not enjoying tunes, she’s the voice behind the podcast "Draught Queens," where she offers unfiltered beer sensory tastings and industry interviews.

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