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Whole Foods Market DL Double IPA Fresh From the Can!

If you didn’t read my last article, shame on you, but also, you didn’t hear the news that Whole Foods Market was going to begin canning. The first run of DL Double was canned yesterday, March 1st, and I picked up a 4-pack this morning so I could bring you the review ASAP.

The beer is a Double IPA, clocking in at a clean 8.2% abv. Since I was working behind the bar when the beer first came out, this is not a virgin tasting. Going from my memory of 2 brewers and many years ago, I’m expecting a dreamsicle orange color with white head. The aroma was mango and peach, followed by a bit of piney resin and citrus pith flavor. It finished with a soft mouthfeel and little to no bitterness.

When poured from the can, the appearance was a darker, almost burnt orange with a white pillowy head and a hazy body. The aroma was lots of candied orange and peach, with just a hint of mango. On my first sip I got much more of the mango then came across on the nose, with a hint of grapefruit peel. On the retrohale, I had lemon and candied orange, followed by pine resin and a nice bitterness lingering on the palate. As the beer warmed up a little cantaloupe started coming out. The mouthfeel was not quite as soft as my rose colored glasses remembered, but was still very appropriate for a hazy DIPA.

Overall, this beer was a great walk down memory lane, and I can’t wait for the next cans.

Cheers, and Happy Drinking!



Josh is a Houstonian, born and raised. He loves all styles, from crispy pilsners to leathery wild ales. Follow him on Instagram at @AManandHisPint.

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