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Middie Back Amber Ale from Elder Son Brewery in the Heights

In my personal opinion, I feel Houston has been lacking in American amber style beer options. What was once a booming style has been dwindled down to just a small handful of breweries offering a solid year round amble ale. I found what is definitely a contender for my favorite amber in Middie Back from Elder Son Brewing. Middie Back is classically brewed to style and provides a crisp and smooth drinking experience that balances a sweet malt flavor with mild caramel note with a nice dry finish. Very good! I’ll try not to talk too much about the experience as I don’t want to give spoilers but if you love amber ales as much as I do then you’ll know the anticipation of ordering an amber and the excitement of waiting to see how it stacks up. Middie Back can be found on tap at Elder Son year round and for that, I’m thankful. Robert, owner and head brewer, tells me the story of how he wrote the recipe on the plane trip from Colorado as he had the exact same feeling of wanting a good clean amber. You can see the passion in his eyes as he relives the moment when he tells the story. Maybe it’s just the beer or exhaustion causing that glare – we won’t ever know.

Middie Back – Amber at Elder Son Brewery

If I’m being honest I’d say the part I’m most excited about is that Middie Back will be offered in cans to go soon. Don’t get me wrong you can get a crowler to go but there’s something special about having multiple cans in a cooler that really feels special. Middie Back will be sold in cans to go from the brewery towards the end of the August so swing by, try out this micro brewery in the Heights. It’s Houston Beer Month after all – why not support one of the newest breweries in town. Elder Son is nestled on North Shepherd just across the street from the popular Kroger on 11th in a cozy air conditioned tap room.  Elder Son hosts a run club every Tuesday from 6:30-7 pm and offer multiple distances runs for all types of fitness runners. There is also a pizza shop that opened up right next door – so feel free to skip the run and make a bee line to the bar top for a sit with the locals.

Can’t make it out to the taproom in the Heights – come out and meet Robert (and Darnell!) on our VIP Brewers panel at the Houston Beer Block Party. Tickets are available at

See you there!



Ronnie has been drinking craft beer for the last 12-15 years and enjoys frequenting breweries and home brewing. He hopes to give back to the beer community that has been so welcoming. He loves to review beer and enjoys hearing all the stories that’s behind each beer.

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