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The meaning of Houston Beer Month

What does Houston Beer Month mean to me? 

Houston Beer Month means being proud and celebrating being in one of the best beer cities in the world, while having the ability to support local year round!

Roman of Venture Brewing & Matt

It means going to Vallensons‘, Saloon Door, Backyard and sharing a pint with friends, as we talk about beer and life.  

Houston Beer Month means going to Nobi Public House, and Penny’s Beer Garden with my family and being able to sample some of the latest from New Magnolia, St Arnold, 11 Below, Elder Son, or from across the state such as Jester King

It means being part of one the best dang homebrew clubs, The Bay Area Mashtronauts, the current Lone Star Circuit Champions. Not only do we talk about local, and national beer, we brew all things fermented.

Houston Beer Month means sourcing all my brewing supplies at one of the best homebrew stores, Sitta Brew Hub, where you can not only get supplies but sit down and talk about and learn about beer. You are even able to secure some local sourced supplies such as raw honey from Budz Bees Farm.

Matt & Kevin Sitta of Sitta Brew Hub

It means entering some of my homebrews into some of the most competitive homebrew competitions, on some of the most competitive circuits and walking away with a few medals. 

Award winning homebrewers Jonathan and Matt

Houston Beer Month means supporting local brewing content creators such as podcasts like Draught Queens Podcast, Best of Show: The Competition Brewing Podcast, and How Not To Start A Damn Brewery. Watching local Youtuber’s such as Venture Brewing, and Mean Brews

It means going to special community organized events like Houston Beer Guide’s Block Party and experiencing brews from No Label, Back Pew, Spindletap, and many others!

Award winning homebrewers Hannah & Ramon

Houston Beer Month means coming together with friends, family, and complete strangers in all things beer to hang out and have a good time while being responsible and enjoying local brews prepared especially for this reason.

It means being able to go to my local store that stocks beers from places that are less than 50 miles from me and not only have a selection of styles but breweries that others across the country would be jealous of! 

Houston we have beer, we know beer, let’s keep Houston a Beer Town, get out there and support as local as you can!

Cheers Y’all!

Matt Jaggers



Homebrewer practicing the art of fermentation, sharing lessons learned, and producing brewing content.

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