8th Wonder 3rd Anniversary Celebr8ion

Last month, 8th Wonder Brewery commemorated  their third anniversary with an all-day “Celebr8ion of Beer.” Fellow Houston Beer Guide writer Colleen Leary and I were able to attend the festivities and capture some of the musical acts, food trucks, vendors, and revelers in action.

Recently released Dome Faux'm cans were available for purchase.

Recently released Dome Faux’m cans were available for purchase.

Both Colleen and I enjoyed Haterade. Colleen opined, “The Gose style was a nice change to the usual line-up at 8th Wonder and I hope they have it on draft this summer as it’s great for hot weather. It was tart and very easy to drink.” In addition to their standard line-up, a couple of specialty casks were available, including Peanut Butter Chocolate Rocket Fuel and French Toast, a chopped and screwed version of Alternate Universe.

Houston’s own Fat Tony

Eatsie Boys

There were food trucks aplenty, including Eatsie Boys, The Rice Box, and The Waffle Bus. Below, Walker Lukens & The Side Arms kick off their set as the sun starts to fade.

Walker Lukens & The Side Arms

The Hot 8 Brass Band

All of the acts were high energy, but The Hot 8 Brass Band really got the crowd going. It may have been the beer, but everyone seemed to be having a great time on a beautiful Houston night.



For the last seven years, Cody has been perfecting the Art of Bullshitting with Strangers in Breweries, Bars, and Taprooms all across America as he's traveled for his career in the oil & gas industry. He is a staunch proponent of bottle-dating, recycling even when it's inconvenient, and having a damn fine time.

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