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A Look at Eureka Heights’ Rereleased Stouts

Eureka Heights Brewing has always been a favorite brewery of mine. During peak pandemic when all restaurants and bars were closed, Eureka Heights steadily released one to two new beers every week from its drive thru. Of course, their year-round beers like Mini Boss and Buckle Bunny are great beers, but the pandemic really has drawn out the brewery’s creativity with their beer. Their Parks and Rec themed beer releases around Halloween was a genius way to draw people in. Recently, the brewery rereleased two stouts that have been a part of their seasonal rotation — Choosy Mom and Livin’ La Vida Mocha. Both stouts clock in between 6% and 6.1% ABV, which means having one in the midafternoon won’t knock you on the couch like hefty stouts often do. You won’t find these beers at your grocery store, but it’s definitely worth driving out to the brewery. You’ll be able to find these and many other brewery only releases that are solid beers.

Viva La Vida Mocha – Coffee Milk Stout 6.1% ABV

To me, this beer is very reminiscent of iced coffee with very little alcohol detectable. The scent of the beer is mostly coffee and burnt malts, although the coffee scent is faded a little. Taking a drink, the coffee and burnt malts are again prominent in the flavor of the beer. The coffee is a little subdued, just like the scent, but that just makes this one taste and drink like a dry porter. It is very drinkable and smooth, yet sits fairly light in the stomach. There’s a light harshness that allows creaminess to come through, yet I don’t believe there is lactose in the beer. 

Viva La Vida Mocha – Coffee Milk Stout 6.1% ABV

Choosy Mom – Peanut Butter Stout 6% ABV

When people think of good peanut butter stouts in Houston, they often think of Tasty AF by Saloon Door Brewing. Though Choosy Mom doesn’t quite live up to its peanut butter counterpart in Webster, it’s still an alright beer. The taste begins with a very sweet milk chocolate taste that is backed by a bit of peanut butter flavor. The roasted malt is lighter upfront, with it getting stronger as the taste advances forward. As the beer warms up, the peanut butter becomes more prevalent. Right out of the fridge, the peanut butter was almost nonexistent. 

Viva La Vida Mocha – Coffee Milk Stout 6.1% ABV


Cody is a native Houstonian and is an encyclopedia of fun facts about the city. You can find him at a brewery, disc golf course or spending time with his wife and two dogs. He still has yet to find a beer he didn't like.

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