Ooky Spooky : An Imperial Stout from Running Walker

Happy Halloween! With a name like Ooky Spooky, this beer will give you the chills.

Running Walker Beer has put together a great beer that you should be drinking on this Halloween night. Ooky Spooky is an Imperial Stout with dark chocolate, cinnamon, and pumpkin. The nose alone should be a candle and I’d light that candle year round. You get chocolate and pumpkin but also a bit nutty on the nose as well. This beer is as fall and Halloween as it can get with the dark chocolate coming in smooth and doesn’t over power the pumpkin flavor. What I really enjoyed about Ooky Spooky is that the cinnamon is not overwhelming and gives a small spice taste without drying the mouth. The base of the Imperial Stout holds a beautiful roast on the taste backend that makes the dark chocolate and pumpkin really pop. Like an added chocolate to your favorite pumpkin spiced coffee. I’m told by the brewers Tony and Chris that they are doing a few candy bar themed stouts for Halloween weekend. You better get there before I drink them all if you want to enjoy them.

A pour of the Ooky Spooky


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