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Houston’s First Hazy IPA Can Release is March 3rd at B-52

Wheez the Juice in a snifter

Conroe’s B-52 Brewing Company is releasing their hazy IPA, Wheez the Juice, in cans on Friday, March 3rd. Wheez the Juice is an IPA brewed in a similar fashion to the Northeast-style IPA that Larry has been talking about for the last several weeks. B-52 is hesitant to use the term “NEIPA” to describe this beer, likely because that term carries with it very high expectations. I asked if they considered the beer a NEIPA and they said, “from an ingredient/process perspective it is very, very, very similar so you can take that for what you will.” They’ve released several test batches of Wheez the Juice in the past, but “this is the first time the beer was built “from the ground up” including yeast choice, water profile, late kettle additions, etc.” according to founder Chad Daniel.

This is Houston’s first hazy IPA can release, which to us at Houston Beer Guide is a pretty big deal. In the northeast United States, the NEIPA style is almost exclusively sold in cans at the breweries, rather than in kegs to bars. The cans allow the beer to keep the requisite haziness, whereas the beer could become progressively more clear coming out of a keg as the yeast settles. Hazy IPAs are made to be consumed very fresh, and B-52 will be selling them straight off the canning line. There will be approximately 50 cases (300 4-packs) available.

Since the phrase “Wheez the Juice” is from the movie Encino Man, B-52 is leaning into the Encino Man theme for the release. They’ll have Goat’s Mobile Catering there to serve Chimichangas and Burritos (the meat group of the character Stoney’s 4 main food groups). They’re hoping to offer the other 3 food groups as well: Milk Duds for the dairy group, Sweet Tarts for the fruit group, and Corn Nuts for the vegetable group. And they’ll even be showing Encino Man on the projection screen once it is dark enough to see. And yes, there will be some wheezing of the juice as well…

The beer will be available on draft when they open at 5pm, and cans will be for sale right off the canning line. The early estimate is that they will be for $16 per 4 pack, but that price has not been finalized. They’re still working out the specifics on the can release, so check back here, or watch their Facebook page to see the limits per person and how the line will work. My assumption is it will end up similar to the old Freetail releases, where everyone is guaranteed to get some but the limits will be based on how many people show up. I expect all the cans to sellout on Friday.

Latest update from B-52:

– The taproom will open at 4 pm.
– Wheez The Juice will be available on draft at 4 pm (special variation tappings will be available as well)
– Numbered wristbands for cans will be handed out first come, first serve.
– A wristband designates your place in line, it does not guarantee beer.
– Can sales will begin at 5 pm.
– 50 cases will be available (1200 cans).
– Singles are $5 and 4-packs $16.
– Limit will be based on turnout (at least one 4-pack per person)
– Encino Man starts at 8 pm.


B-52 Brewing Company



Josh is an Aerospace Engineer and an avid homebrewer. When he's not designing airplanes, he enjoys long walks on the beach, experimenting with fermentation, and drinking craft beer.

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