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Hope is Brewing at Saint Arnold

Hope is Brewing, a benefit and awareness-raising event for the international human rights organization Love146, will be held on September 13 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Beer Hall at Saint Arnold Brewing Company. Hope is Brewing began in Houston at Saint Arnold and has since spawned similar annual nights in Washington, D.C. and Connecticut, according to Love146 Texas Strategic Partnership Coordinator Tiffany Runyan. Named after a girl discovered in a Southeast Asian brothel identified as only “146,” Love146 works to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention education.

Image courtesy of Love146

Image courtesy of Love146

“The purpose of Hope is Brewing is to bring a community of people together who are already involved in trafficking abolition and activism who might want to get together or bring friends who are interested in a fun environment to learn more,” Love146 Spokesperson Josh Mamis said.

The event will feature a chicken fajita buffet catered by Guadalajara Hacienda, pub games, trivia, and, of course, beer. Love146 is offering three ticket levels. The $35 General Admission level includes the fajita dinner and beer. The Summer Pils level offers dinner, beer, and a custom Hope is Brewing pint glass for $50. The highest level, appropriately named Divine Reserve, includes dinner, beer, custom pint glass, a brewery tour, and a gift bag with items from Love146 and its sponsors.

Tickets can be purchased on Love146’s website https://love146.org/hope-is-brewing/houston or at the door for an additional fee. Divine Reserve level tickets will not be sold at the door. The event is family-friendly–root beer will be on tap–and the organizers encourage attendees to bring board games.

Ultimately, Josh says Hope is Brewing is as much about inspiring as it is about great beer and food.

“We can choose to be hopeful even given the horrific nature of our work,” he said. “This is something we learn from the children we work with–they have experienced some truly horrible things, but they are hopeful. We see them singing and dancing and looking forward to living happy, productive lives.”

Where: Saint Arnold Brewing Company
2000 Lyons, Houston, TX 77020
When: Tuesday, September 13, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.



Alice Hicks started writing about her hometown for "Public News" and The Houston Post's magazine, "Houston Life," in the '90s. Around that time she discovered good beer at The Ginger Man. She's a mom and corporate sales writer by day, and book, music and trivia junkie by night - no, wait, that's all day, too.

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