If It’s Thursday, Whole Foods Market Has the Best Beer Deal in Town

Whole Foods Market now has what is undoubtedly the best beer deal in town. On Thursdays, every draft beer is $2 after 3PM. Let me repeat that: every draft beer is $2 after 3PM. That’s not a typo. I checked. Twice.

Even the fine print is awesome:

  • This special is valid at every location with a bar in the greater Houston area. (I think that’s all of them, but feel free to correct me in the comments.)
  • This only applies to draft beers served in 8-16 ounce pours. (Again, I think that’s the vast majority of the beers they have on tap.)

Whole Foods Market Beer Sale Flyer

As of the time that I am posting this, I found Whole Foods bars with Karbach Brewing F.U.N. beers, Brash Brewing Abide, various Funkwerks beers (one of my current favorite breweries), 8th Wonder Brewery Instant Classic (one of my favorite new local beers), and 12% ABV Founders Brewing Devil Dancer (if you really want to get your money’s worth). If you haven’t been to the brewery in the Post Oak location, you no longer have an excuse!

Check out the Tap Hunter links below for semi up-to-date tap lists at each location.

Whole Foods Market Montrose
Whole Foods Market Kirby
Whole Foods Market Post Oak
Whole Foods Market Bellaire
Whole Foods Market Voss
Whole Foods Market Wilcrest
Whole Foods Market Sugar Land
Whole Foods Market Champions
Whole Foods Market Katy
Whole Foods Market the Woodlands



Josh is an Aerospace Engineer and an avid homebrewer. When he's not designing airplanes, he enjoys long walks on the beach, experimenting with fermentation, and drinking craft beer.

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