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D&T Drive Inn Celebrates 4 Years

When I moved to the Brooke Smith neighborhood in Greater Heights in 2016, I happily adopted D&T Drive Inn at 1307 Enid as my new local, as I had enjoyed the place many times as an out-of-neighborhood visitor since they opened in 2013, given its convenient location just off I-45 at Cavalcade. Fast forward to 2017, and D&T remains a worthy member of the pantheon of Houston craft beer bars.

There, I said it.

Just 6 months ago this wouldn’t have been even mildly controversial. Fast forward to today, and the parent of D&T (Treadsack) has shuttered 4 of its 7 restaurant and bar concepts amidst a great deal of controversy, and has retreated to doing business at Downhouse, D&T and Johnny’s Gold Brick. It would be easy to simply dismiss D&T as just another hapless victim of a failing corporate parent but the quality of the beers on tap and the knowledgeable staff fly in the face of that generalization. I just can’t help but hope for the best for everyone there.

This is not to make apologies for the sins of the father, but D&T’s 4th anniversary party this coming weekend is an event worth celebrating and enjoying. D&T has earned its place as one of Houston’s classics, and the tap list this weekend is reflective of that.

D&T has a selected list of beers to be tapped on their Facebook page. It’s not a long list, but highlights are:

  • Founders KBS and 512 IPA w/Grapefruit paired with breakfast cereals (on tap at opening at noon)
  • Gigantic/3 Floyds Axis of Evil
  • Boulevard Rye on Rye on Rye
  • Saint Arnold Bishop’s Barrel 16 and 17
  • Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2014
  • …and a number of others.


I also heard a rumor of a vintage barrel-aged Great Divide Yeti keg that’s been hanging around in the cold box just for this day.

The bar also plans on using a unique method to turn their taps over as the day proceeds – a common problem at anniversary parties. They’ve bought an air horn, and whenever it blows on Saturday everything on tap is $3.

They’re also holding a raffle for a mixed box of Saint Arnold Bishop’s Barrel bottles.

Regardless of the troubles of Treadsack, celebrating the success of D&T is a worthy exercise. Here’s hoping we can all toast them for years to come.

D&T Drive Inn 4th Anniversary Party

Saturday, May 27th & Sunday, May 28th
1307 Enid St, Houston, TX 77009




A Dad and husband, a craft beer fan and advocate for Texas craft beer culture, a native Houstonian and UH Cougar, and some other stuff too.

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