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A Whole (Foods) New Brew

Whole Foods Brewing just released their second can this week without much fanfare. I was fortunate enough to be at the Post Oak location earlier this week and saw these cans in the cooler, so I had to grab them to try. This is the first of Head Brewer Chris Shelton’s original recipes that I have gotten to try so I was very excited to check it out.

Wholistic Hazy IPA from Whole Food Market Brewing Co.

Wholistic Hazy IPA is a Hazy IPA (obviously)  that runs 6.66% abv and features Citra and Enigma hops. It was much hazier and lighter in color than the DL I reviewed a couple months ago, with a bright white head that had great retention. As soon as I opened the can I was hit in the face with bright pineapple that only intensified as I poured it. There was also some mango and a slight grapefruit tartness to support that pineapple. 

On my first sip, I got a lot of mango with hints of strawberry all riding on a slight cracker note from the malt that was very much the supporting character to the hops. As it warmed up, the strawberry became more prominent along with a slight creamy coconut that was reminiscent of a pina colada. It did have a slight hop burn that I think will be gone by the next can I open, as it was about a day old when I reviewed it. There was also a slight bitterness that paired well with the fruity juice flavors, making me want to keep drinking. The mouthfeel was right on point, a creamy velvet that flowed over my tongue without coating. 

A new point of excitement is, unlike the DL double, these cans are dated which is a huge must for this style of beer. Overall, this is a great first new recipe from Whole Foods Brewing, making me looking forward to more from them. These are currently available at the Post Oak location and will be seen around town within the next couple weeks. 



Josh is a Houstonian, born and raised. He loves all styles, from crispy pilsners to leathery wild ales. Follow him on Instagram at @AManandHisPint.

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  1. Jesse .

    I look forward to the reviews, Josh. Appreciate it man. I swung by this past weekend and got some for my dad, a friend and I. It’s so good! Like top notch stuff. Best local hazy to be in my fridge in a along time!


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