Houston Beer Month

#Houston Beer Celebration 2021 at Star Sailor


Aug 28th starting at 4pm

I can’t think of a better place to host an event focused on celebrating Houston beer than Star Sailor HTX. This small beer boutique in the Heights embodies the community and vibes that I think best represents the craft beer scene in Houston. More on that later! 😉

To wrap up Houston Beer Month, we are inviting you to our inaugural celebration party at Star. Don’t forget to wear your favorite brewery shirt and hats to represent! Who knows – you might even run into a brewer or beer sales rep while you are here. In addition to a damn good time, expect swag giveaways, delicious bites from David’s kitchen and a limited run of #HoustonBeer shirts available to take home. (Thanks Cask Branding!)

Psstt… pro-tip! There is still time to score a free t-shirt by contributing YOUR article on Houston Beer Guide! Email cheers@houstonbeerguide.com to get in! Guidelines can be found here.

RSVP on Facebook – https://fb.me/e/4aeFEOWsF See you there!

Breweries: Interested in sponsoring or being a part of the event? Send us a message.



A native Tejana with a passion for double IPAs, she loves immersing herself in bluegrass music and spreading hippie love and Southern hospitality. When she's not enjoying tunes, she’s the voice behind the podcast "Draught Queens," where she offers unfiltered beer sensory tastings and industry interviews.

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