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New Video Contributor Introduction: Dan Beck


I’m Dan Beck (BREWS WITH BECK on YouTube), and how the hell are ya??!!      

I grew up in Coors Town (Golden, CO), attended CU Boulder (party / craft beer school) and have lived in Los Angeles for 20 years now pursuing entertainment, sports glory, and stellar beers. Beer used to be something I wanted cheap and good for beer bonging; but now that I’m an older/wiser/better looking man (chuckle) I’ve discovered quality over quantity.

I discovered the Houston beer scene in 2014 thanks to my brother-in-law who is an attorney in Houston.  He started my Houston beer education by taking me to Karbach and Saint Arnold which I found to have a nice selections of brews.  I’ve really enjoyed the Bishop’s Barrel series from Saint Arnold over the years for sure! In the years since, he helped me discover 8th wonder, Ingenious, Spindletap, Astral, Great Heights, Back Pew and a few more.    I have to give it up to Spindletap as the brewery that REALLY got me into Houston beer.  I’ve been a huge fan of New England IPA’s for quite a bit now, and I found Spindletap when I was still just discovering all of the NEIPA’s out there.  They have such good dry-hopped beers, cool people and a great brewery site! Over the last 10 years my absolute favorite beers tend to be barrel-aged stouts and NEIPA’s, but I make it a point to try ANY beer in order to be more well versed in all types of brews.

I look forward to laying down the law on Houston beers and pointing you in the direction of stellar cold beverages!

Check out two beer reviews from Spindletap Brewery in Houston Texas!

Dripped Out – Spindletap Brewery- 7%

Draped Up – Spindletap Brewery – 7%



Dan Beck is on the hunt for stellar Houston beers. His favorite beers are barrel aged stouts and big New England IPAs but wants to try anything in beer path to judge. He is a CU-Boulder alum that resides in Studio City, CA and loves Houston brews!

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