Houston Beer Month

My neighborhood brewery: New Magnolia Brewing

#HoustonBeerMonth Guest submission by Chris Ayers

New Magnolia Brewing is one of the newer breweries that has popped up in Houston, and they’re a pretty close neighborhood brewery to me. I’ve been going since their soft open back in November of 2019 (back before the world went crazy!)

I want to talk about their green level member program and getting to brew a beer with them, but I figure I should start with talking about beer first!  Being that we are deep in the heat of the summer I would recommend any of the Splitz that they have on a tap, these range from different tropical flavors to cherry and are quite refreshing on a warm day.  This past week I picked up a crowler of their new strawberry lager and took it with me on a road trip.  The strawberry flavor was light but the lager was solid, a nice approachable lager for a summer afternoon.

Last year I had the pleasure of getting to brew a pilot beer with Sean and John (two absolutely stand up people, real nice, so easy to get along with and work with).  We brewed a chai stout and the smell in the brewery that day was amazing (a good combination of roasted malt and chai spice).  The communication between parties was really great and they were attentive at all points in the process.  I entered the lottery to do it again this year but did not make the cut, I’m a little upset about this but at the same time happy that a new person is getting to go through this experience.  It’s always great to go to a new brewery and taste/fall in love with their beers, but it’s a whole other level of experience to get to see behind the scenes and brew something delicious.  I came away from this with a brand new appreciation for all the work that goes into the drinks that I love.


Chris Ayers
#HoustonBeer Lover!

Strawberry lager from New Magnolia Brewing

Chai Stout Collab
#HoustonBeerMonth Guest submission by Chris Ayers



Native tejana with a love for double IPAs and craft beer shenanigans. Check out her podcast "Draught Queens' for unfiltered beer sensory tasting and industry interviews.

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